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The factory is situated just next to the famous Mt. Kenya forest.

current payment per kilo Ksh 21.00

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Our Mission

“Infusing joy into every cup, Ragati tea factory passionately crafts exceptional teas, harmonizing tradition, and innovation for a delightful and sustainable experience.”

Our Vision

“Our vision at Ragati tea factory is to be the benchmark of tea innovation and standards globally”

Our company profile

Small-holder tea cultivation in Kenya commenced in the 1950s. In 1957, the first small-holder tea factory was set up in Ragati, Nyeri, in central Kenya, run through a management agreement with multinational tea companies.


The factory is situated at Magutu Location, Mathira East District of Central Province. The factory is at a relatively high altitude of 2250M above sea level, south of the Equator along 37.6 East Longitude.

Our Products
Black CTC Tea

Black CTC Tea

Black CTC tea: Bold, robust, and quick-brewing black tea with a rich, malty flavor, known for its unique crush, tear, and curl processing method. Energizing and full-bodied.

Embark on a


of excellence

with Ragati Factory.

Consistent Output


Precision is our mantra. From lush gardens to skilled hands, expect a unwavering quality in every brew.

Smooth Operations

smooth operations

From cultivation to crafting, our commitment guarantees a harmonious journey from plantation to your teacup.

Cost Reduction


We embrace innovation to streamline processes and trim costs without compromising the essence of our exceptional teas.

Our Impact


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Dependants supported


Tea Plants

Special Projects

Micro-Hydro Electricity Generation Project:This is the first project of its kind in KTDA. The Factory has joined with five neighbouring Tea Factories for Joint Multisite Hydro Electricity Generation Projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Luisoi farm project:

This is a Factory project planted with trees under 70 acres. We have planted eucalyptus tree species in 60 acres with approximately 46,000 trees at different stages of maturity.

Itiati farm project

We have twelve acres of land where we have planted eucalyptus trees. Number of trees planted so far is 15,000. They were planted 13 years ago and harvested in 2012 and 2014 respectively..Rejuvenation of the trees is progressing well.


Factory offers training by taking interns from colleges and other institutions of higher learning.

Improvement of the road network within the factory catchments. This is enables the factory transport green leaf from the buying centres to the factory efficiently. All our roads are now passable even during the rainy season.

We offer opportunities of employment for people living within the catchment.

Environmental conservation, by growing trees and educating farmers on environmental conservation methods, soil conservation, safe use of agrochemicals, water conservation and good farming practices.

Our Certifications
iso quality management
rainforest alliance
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